Case Studies

Why choose Greater London Education?

We have assisted and supported many schools but here are a few case studies that show how our programmes have resulted in students making measurable progress.

“Many thanks to the commitment and professionalism of the pupil premium tutors in helping pupils secure end of year targets.” – Diane George, Churchill Gardens Primary School

Case Study 1

A primary school in central London needed a targeted intervention for a cohort of Year 6 pupils in Reading and Maths. 12 pupils were selected for the Maths intervention, and 18 pupils for the Reading intervention, all of whom were at Level 3c-3a. The programme ran from February 2014 until the SATS in May that year.

  • Tutors were selected who had experience working with Year 6 pupils
  • All tutors placed within a week
  • The Headteacher was able to meet with all tutors before the first lesson
  • Flexible timings, with tutors available after the school day, and during school holidays
  • Best value for small group (three-to-one) lessons
  • Fortnightly reporting and feedback from each tutor on the pupils in their group

How we helped

From our large team of experienced tutors, the school selected tutors from our proposed CVs. We arranged the tuition timetable, and stayed in close communication with the school throughout the programme. Six tutors taught groups of three pupils for one hour per week, after school and during holidays, with some tutors teaching more than once per week.


30 out of 30 pupils (100%) made progress, and 28 of those 30 (93.3%) met or exceeded the national threshold. The two pupils who did not achieve Level 4 still made at least one sub-level of progress.

Case Study 2

A primary school in east London needed to improve their pupils’ Reading and Maths skills in preparation for Year 6 SATs. They already had an extra-curricular (art, drama and sport) Saturday school for their pupils to attend but lacked staff for academic support. In consultation with the school, we arranged an initial intervention for 57 pupils to be taught one to one by our tutors on Saturday morning for five weeks. Pupils would receive an hour’s tuition each from one of our tutoring team, with tutors on-site teaching for three hours per day.

How we helped

The SLT met with all the tutors before the first session to discuss the goals of the programme and distribute relevant materials. Programme evaluation was decided in consultation with our team, with tutors to return reporting sheets at the end of the 5 weeks. After the success of the initial programme, the school re-booked for a week long intensive programme during the Easter holidays, teaching for 6 hours per day, and a 6 week Saturday morning programme during the summer term, with the same reporting structure.


In total, we provided Reading and Maths tuition to around 116 pupils at the school, with 98% making measurable progress.

Case Study 3

A secondary school in Dagenham were looking for English support for their KS4 pupils, who were targeted C grades (L4 on entry) but were performing at a D or E grade. The school identified 3 cohorts of around 6 pupils to be taught on Saturday mornings for one hour per group. Many of the students selected had issues with basic grammar and punctuation, using only simple and compound sentences and very little punctuation. One of the main areas of concern was their ability to plan and structure their work with a range of ideas, resulting in work that lacked in depth.

How we helped

47 pupils were selected in total, and for the Autumn term we arranged for one of our popular experienced tutors to work with the students. In the second half of the Apring term we arranged for two tutors to teach two groups. The interventions focused on writing in the Autumn term, and preparing for the reading part of the exam from January. The programme was originally due to run from October until December, at which point the school evaluated the impact through mocks, teacher assessments and student feedback. As there was positive feedback and evidence of progress, the school continued the intervention until the GCSE exams in June.


73% of pupils who received tuition achieved A-C grades in their GCSE exams


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