Q: What do you offer?

We offer supplementary tuition in all academic subjects at all levels (KS1 – KS5)

Q: Are your tutors qualified teachers?

Some of our tutors have QTS but most do not. However, we only employ tutors who have excellent academic backgrounds and/or several years’ of experience working with school aged pupils in a one to one or group format.

Q: What subjects do you offer?

We offer tuition in every subject taught in British schools.

Q: Do you run classes/tuition over school holidays?

Yes! We can offer tuition programmes during all holidays and half terms.

Q: How do you track progress?

Typically we adopt the method preferred by the schools we work with, but we also have our own pupil tracking method should it be requested. Tutors also provide weekly feedback reports on their students’ progress.

Q: Do you offer weekend tuition?

Yes, our tutors are available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Q: What is the minimum or maximum number of pupils that can take part in the programme from my school?

There is no minimum or maximum.

Q: What happens if a tutor is absent and unable to attend a session?

If a tutor is absent due to illness or an emergency, we would endeavor to arrange a suitable replacement, which is usually but unfortunately not always possible at very short notice (same day)

Q: What is the procedure to be followed if we are not happy with the tutor?

If you would like to terminate sessions with a tutor for any reason, the procedure is to let Greater London Education know at the earliest possible opportunity and we will provide a replacement within one week.

Q: Will there be an opportunity to meet or interview the tutors before appointment?

Yes, you may interview the tutors, and meet them individually or as a group before sessions commence. We recommend that you meet with the tutors before the first session to discuss the programme, and inform them of any school policies.

Q: What is the procedure for pupil feedback and reporting from the tutors?

Tutors submit a weekly feedback form to us which we then send to schools.

Q: Who is responsible for planning sessions?

It is the tutor’s responsibility to plan lessons, but we recommend that if the school has any guidance or materials that would be helpful when planning or delivering the sessions, that these are given to the tutors before the first session.

Q: When do the lessons take place?

Lessons can take place whenever suits the school and the pupil/s.

Q: Can we observe tutors during teaching?

Yes, and we also conduct our own observations.


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